Apple DSCL

On the machine that you want to automount directories on, execute:
dscl -change Local/Default/Users/johnd NFSHomeDirectory /Users/johnd /home/johnd 

dscl will change the home directory of johnd from the normal /Users/johnd to /home/johnd.

This step readies for the use of the automounter.

Edit /etc/auto_home to look like:
## Automounter map for /home
# Use directory service

johnd server1.local:/Users/johnd

Useful DSCL commands for configuring Users:

Create a new entry in the local (/) domain under the category /users.

dscl / -create /Users/toddharris


Create and set the shell property to bash.


dscl / -create /Users/toddharris UserShell /bin/bash


Create and set the user’s full name.


dscl / -create /Users/toddharris RealName "Dr. Todd Harris"


Create and set the user’s ID.


dscl / -create /Users/toddharris UniqueID 503


Create and set the user’s group ID property.


dscl / -create /Users/toddharris PrimaryGroupID 1000


Create and set the user home directory.


dscl / -create /Users/toddharris NFSHomeDirectory /Local/Users/toddharris


Set the password.


dscl / -passwd /Users/toddharris PASSWORD


perform administrative functions


dscl / -append /Groups/admin GroupMembership toddharris